Why we are the best?

  • We have the largest build volume to printer size ratio on an enclosed machine in The World
  • We have HEPA+Carbon filtered ventilation for cleaner output air from our printer than non-filtered enclosed printers. We are the only printer in the World with this type of ventilation system.
  • Interchangeable Cubisides for dynamic and customizable design. We are the only 3D printer with a customizable feature that lets the user to customize the color and feel of their printer to match their decor, furniture or other items they may have.
  • Our slicing engine and software is run on our servers and is accessible across all platforms. This software is updated automatically online

Cubibot filtered ventilation makes it
safer than other non-filtered 3D printer

When we designed this printer, we had the next generation of innovators in mind. That’s why we designed Cubibot to be not only functional, but also safer that other non filtered 3D Printers. Before air is released into the room, it is passed through our specially-designed ventilation system with HEPA+Carbon filters.

 Cubibot smart feature

Who Cubibot is for?

Cubibot’s compact, modern design and its filtered ventilation make it a perfect high quality 3D printer for any home or need to hide your 3D Printer in the garage! Cubibot’s professional features make it a useful tool for professionals while the ease of use through the plug and print features make 3D printing accessible for hobbyists, students and newbies alike. Cubibot is a 3D Printer that will be fun and beneficial for everyone!

Cubibot's smart features

Cubibot's smart features allow you to print completely wirelessly. Connect to any mobile device (Android and iOS app) and hit print. We designed the cloud based web software for simplicity, functionality, and ease of use. Simply load your 3D model, and you are all set! You will also be able to add, delete, or re-orient your model before printing.

Cubibot's cloud Printing

Using Cubibot's cloud Printing capabilities you can set up your prints remotely for your printer at home or office. With the funds we hope to raise from this campaign, we will finish the development and debugging of our web based software and mobile applications.

Technical Specifications